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Cameras and equipment

We carry a variety of premium cameras from point-and-shoot digital for the beginner to models suited for professional skill levels. And check out our selection of used cameras (great for students or those that need a learner model), and our Holga and Fuji Instax cameras.


We are a Canon and Sony products dealer. Our prices are competitive with prices at ???big box??? stores. Get the right premium products at the right prices with the personal attention that comes only from an independent photography store! Call, email, stop by our store or shop online.


Need help finding the right piece of equipment? Please stop in! As a local store, our customers and their individual photographic needs are what we care about. We'll take time to explain the what, why, and how of a product before you purchase, and we're always happy to answer questions after you take it home. No matter where you bought your camera, University Camera is your camera store.


Come browse our in-store selection of photographic equipment???from tripods to bags to lenses to studio equipment???or shop online.











University Camera

4 South Dubuque Street

Iowa City, Iowa


Phone: (319) 337-2189
Fax: (319) 337-2180




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