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Yes, we do it old school! We have a great selection of black & white and color film, both 35mm and 120 as well as slide film, disposable cameras, Instax mini or wide, and Impossible Project (Polaroid).


Black and white film

We have a variety of black and white film for the beginner up to the skilled professional or photography student, including Ilford, Kodak, Fuji, Portra (Kodak) and Impossible Project (Polaroid). Stop in to find just what you're looking for???our staff are happy to assist you. Or shop online.


Color film

We stock a great selection of color film in 35mm and 120mm, including brands from these companies: Kodak, Fuji, Previa, Velvia, Impossible Project (Polaroid). Our staff will help you find the right film for your project, whether you need to take snapshots, are a hobbyist, or a more serious photographer. Or shop online.


Slide film

If you're a slide shooter, you can find what you need here! Choose from Kodak Elitechrome, Fujichrome Sensia, Velvia, Provia or Astia films. You can stop by our store, or shop online.


We're one of the last independent photography stores in the midwest that can process your E-6 slide film for you on-site.


Disposable cameras

For those places your expensive equipment fears to tread and fun snapshots without the hassle! Choose from Fuji or Kodak flash or waterproof cameras, or the Fujifilm instant cameras: Instax mini & Instax wide. Bring in your single-use camera when you're finished, and we'll have your prints back to you the next day (rush jobs also available). Or shop online.


Chemistry and darkroom supplies

Film shooting is an art; developing the pictures you take completes the movement. We appreciate your dedication to film and offer the tools you need to make your unique images come alive at your fingertips!


If you've always wanted to give film a try, but never quite got around to it, there's no time like the present. We can set you up with a new or used film camera and show you how to set up and equip your darkroom. It's an adventure you may find turns into love.


We carry everything you need: Ilford papers, Ilford and Kodak film and paper developers, stop bath, fixer. Come see us today or shop online.



University Camera

4 South Dubuque Street

Iowa City, Iowa


Phone: (319) 337-2189
Fax: (319) 337-2180




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