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Prints, negatives, slides and physical media do have a shelf life and in today's digital world it is important that, in order to preserve old photographic memories for future generations, your old prints and negatives are properly converted to a digital format. Whether you have inherited a life's worth of old photographs or slides from a relative, have a shoebox full of prints from years past or a few older and more delicate, historical family photos, University Camera can digitize and archive almost any analog media.


Once digitized, photos that were often deteriorating in storage can be easily shared with friends and family across the internet, posted to social networking and sharing sites such as Facebook and Flickr, printed and reprinted, enlarged to frame on the wall, made into greeting cards, put to a digital slide show, used in presentations and infinitely more digital applications.


Digital Slide Archiving

Our new slide archiving machine creates high-quality digital copies of old slides and memories. Prices start at $ .40 per slide. See our complete price sheet for digital slide archiving. Also, you may want to read our instructions for preparing slides at home.


Scanning of prints (up to 8.5???x11???)

Prices range from $1-$10 depending on the size of print and resolution of scans.


Scanning of Negatives

Old negatives of nearly any size and variety including 127, 120, 620, 4x5, tin-types, etc. Prices range from $1-$10 depending on the size of negative and resolution of scans.


Shoebox Scans

Scanning of larger batches of standard sized (3x5??? to 5x7???) prints.

Prices for a batch of 100 images start at $35.*


Digital Reproduction

Digital reproduction of art and larger prints in nearly any size includes 2-dimensional works and moderately sized 3-dimensional works. Prices start at $3.50 per shot.


*How to prepare your photos for Shoebox scanning:

IMPORTANT: Only pictures/prints are accepted for shoebox scans. Negatives or slides cannot be included with your order. (Please ask us for information about our negative and slide scanning services.)


Remove all photos from albums, envelopes, etc. Please make sure there are no staples, paper clips or anything else attached. Tape, glue or other materials on your photos might interfere with scanning, and we may not be able to process that photo through our batch scanner. WE CAN ONLY PROCESS LOOSE PHOTOS FOR BATCH SCANNING. Pictures in albums or mountings will have a special handling fee.


If the photos are too thick, or for other reasons cannot be scanned, we will separate those images and offer to scan them individually at our regular prices. Photographs must be able to slightly bend with little or no effort.


Aged and delicate photos will be scanned individually at our regular prices.


Your pictures will be re-organized by size and orientation; therefore they will not be in the order you brought them in. If you'd like your photos to appear in order there will be an extra charge. All images will be rotated upright. For bulk scanning, photos must range anywhere in between a wallet size (2x3) to an 8x10.


We can scan both sides of your photo, so if you have handwritten dates or messages on the back, please let us know to scan the backs, too. Place those double-sided photos in one stack separate from the others.


If you wish, you may use a 4x6 index card to divide and sort your photos. You can write a message on the card to denote the sequence of your photos. We can also scan these as well; however, scanning will be done backwards. (Bottom of stack feeds first with photos stacked face up).


Notice: These high-speed scans are designed to digitally preserve your regular photos. The resolution will be good enough for making prints slightly larger than your original photo. This is not designed to archive professional images with museum-quality clarity. We do provide high-quality, high-resolution scans.



University Camera

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