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Have an old VHS, 8mm, or audio cassette you want to archive to DVD and preserve for future generations? We've got you covered! We can transfer video from a variety of sources to DVD, including:


Digital 8

Audio Tapes

Mini DV




DVCam copied onto DVD/CD


Foreign Conversions

Mini DVD




??? Qty 1-1000 Duplication

??? Multiple DVD copy discount

??? Satisfaction guaranteed!


VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8mm and even DV tapes are magnetic, and each year they lose some of their magnetisity, which simply means ALL videotapes degrade over time. The signal degradation increases till they don???t have a strong enough signal to play back in a VCR. Check the date of your family videotapes before it???s too late! Tapes older than 15 years should be copied to DVD as soon as possible to retain image quality. DVDs are the first and best media currently available for archiving your video memories.


We can help you archive your precious memories before they're lost!


8mm film transfers:

< 1600 ft .14 cents per foot, + $30 for Master

>1600 ft .12 cents per foot + $30 for Master


Video to dvd mastering:

(1) Hour Video onto DVD @ $25

(2) Hour Video onto DVD @ $30

(3 on 1) Video onto DVD @ $35*

(4 on 1) Video onto DVD @ $40.*

*Multiple Videos onto one DVD, depends on the length of the original footage.

Please drop off your videos and we will time them out and call you directly. Thank you.


DVD duplications:

(When already on a DVD)





120 (min)






















Audio transfers:

Tapes & vinyl to CD's @ $45/ hour.


Please drop off your audio media, and we will call you with price quote.

1-5 copies @ $5.95 ea


Audio CD duplications:

1-5 @ $6.95





University Camera

4 South Dubuque Street

Iowa City, Iowa


Phone: (319) 337-2189
Fax: (319) 337-2180




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